The Blue Hole (Lighthouse Reef) Diving

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Lighthouse Atoll is the most famous of the three atolls located off the coast of Belize. Its fame is primarily due to two dive sites, the Great Blue Hole and Halfmoon Caye Wall. It is a 49 mile trip to the Great Blue Hole and nearly two thirds of our route is in calmer the lagoon waters behind the Barrier Reef, in the Turneffe Atoll, and then more in Lighthouse Atoll. Even with this route this can be a weather dependent excursion.

The Great Blue Hole is for most people, a must do dive while in Belize. Formed during previous Ice Ages this circular site has two areas of stalactites indicating it was a dry cave. The descent to the stalactites is down a nearly vertical wall with the stalactites starting at a depth of 120'. A white, sand ledge marks the lower range of the site at 152' and does an excellent job defining the site. Several of the stalactites are so large that 4 divers cannot link arms and circle them, and are at least 20' long. Average depth on this dive is 130' so bottom time is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes at depth. After ascent, a swimming safety stop is made at a depth 15' as we make our way back to the boat. The remaining two dives are done either one at Halfmoon Caye Wall or the wall on the northwest side of Long Caye, depending upon the weather conditions.

Due to the distance traveled and the time constraints of a three tank day, lunch is served on board the boat. The price of the trip includes tanks, weights, lunch, drinks, towels, and water. Due to the depth of the Great Blue Hole computers are recommended. There is a shower on board to rinse people and cameras and also a marine head.


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