About Belize

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We are located in Central America, south of the Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, east of Guatemala's Peten. Our eastern border is the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Belize boasts the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and three coral atolls. 60% of our land is forest, and we lie in the heart of what was the Mayan World.

Belize was once known as British Honduras, and as such was a colony. The Spanish claimed us, the British came to cut logwood initially, and with time our beautiful Mahogany. The Spanish were edged out, the colony was settled. Self governing in the 1960's we eventually became fully Independent on 21st September, 1981.

We are a melting pot! Our population is approximately 250,000 comprising of Creoles(African-Europeans), Mestizos(Spanish-Indian), We are Garifuna(African-Indian), East Indians, Europeans, Taiwanese. That probably doesn't cover everyone, but I think you get the idea. English is the official language and is spoken widely. Spanish comes in second. Folks are friendly and happy to see visitor.

We are an Independent Democratic Nation. Members of the U.N., the Commonwealth, CARICOM, OAS, and many other important international organisations. Our political system is based on the British Parliamentary model. The Judiciary also follows the British example.

Belize is blessed. Our natural wonders are bountiful, and the numerous archaeological sites bear witness to our rich Mayan past.