Rainforest Medicine trails, Butterfly Farm and Cahal Pech Maya Ruin Tour

A very full day, this excursion will take the traveler westward to the Cayo District, just a few miles from the Guatemalan border.

At Ixchel Farm, trails were established under the guidance of Don Elijio Panti, who, until he died at 103 years old in recent years, was the country’s leading authority on traditional healing. The knowledge has been passed down, and the tradition continues. 

For the visitor, each plant has been named and an explanation given as to how it should be used to best effect. Scientific studies have confirmed many of these qualities, and research continues.

At the Butterfly Farm, located in the grounds of Chaa Creek Cottages, the visitor is able to witness each stage in the life of a Blue Morphuo Butterfly. Fascinating changes, with a beautiful iridescent result. 

After a well deserved lunch, a visit to the unusually configured Maya site of Cahal Pech(Place of the ticks!). Located on the edge of San Ignacio Town, this site dates back some 3000 years. The visitors center and your guide will enlighten you further to the mysteries of the Maya.